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Will 2005 Acura TSX Model Reborn in USA? Today Automotive Market


The Potential Return of the Acura TSX: A Look at the Compact Luxury Sedan’s Revival Prospects


In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the revival of iconic models is a topic that often captures the attention of car enthusiasts and industry experts alike. One such vehicle that has been the subject of speculation is the Acura TSX, a compact luxury sedan that enjoyed a dedicated following during its production run from 2003 to 2014. As the years pass, the question remains: Will the 2005 Acura TSX model make a triumphant return to the United States market?

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Acura, Honda’s luxury vehicle division, has a storied history of producing vehicles that strike a balance between performance, comfort, and affordability. The TSX, in particular, garnered praise for its engaging driving dynamics, upscale interior, and impressive value proposition. However, as the automotive landscape continues to evolve, the decision to revive the TSX involves a multitude of factors that must be carefully considered.

The Legacy of the Acura TSX

Before delving into the prospect of a revival, it’s essential to understand the TSX’s roots and the role it played in Acura’s lineup. The TSX was based on the Honda Accord platform, specifically the European variant, which was renowned for its driving dynamics and refinement. This unique combination of Honda’s engineering prowess and Acura’s luxury touches resulted in a vehicle that captured the hearts of driving enthusiasts and luxury car buyers alike.

ModelAcura TSX
Also CalledHonda Accord (Japan and Europe)
Production Years2003-2014
Body StyleCompact Executive Car

A Blend of Sportiness and Sophistication

One of the defining characteristics of the TSX was its ability to strike a balance between sportiness and sophistication. The vehicle’s athletic handling and responsive powertrain ensured an engaging driving experience, while its well-appointed interior and upscale features catered to the discerning luxury car buyer. This unique combination made the TSX a standout choice in the compact luxury segment.

The Current State of the Acura TSX

To understand the potential for a TSX revival, it’s crucial to examine the current status of the model in the US market. Unfortunately, the last iteration of the TSX, the 2014 model, marked the end of its production run. Acura faced challenges in maintaining the TSX’s positioning within its lineup, as the introduction of the smaller ILX sedan and the aging TL model created overlap and confusion.

Challenges and Uncertainties

One of the primary obstacles to a TSX revival lies in the platform on which it was based. The TSX utilized an older Honda Accord platform, which may not align with Honda’s global product plans, potentially leaving the TSX without a suitable donor platform. Additionally, the positioning of the ILX and the aging TSX close to each other in terms of size and pricing further complicated the lineup and raised questions about the TSX’s future.

Despite these challenges, Acura leadership has not entirely ruled out the possibility of a TSX revival. Jeff Conrad, the former Acura boss, mentioned that the TSX would stay in the lineup “for the foreseeable future,” although this was several years ago, and plans may have changed since then.

Potential Alternatives to the Acura TSX

While the prospect of a TSX revival remains uncertain, consumers in the US market have a range of alternatives to consider in the compact luxury sedan segment. These vehicles offer a diverse array of features, performance characteristics, and brand identities, catering to varied preferences and driving experiences.

The Competition

  • BMW 3-Series: Known for its sporting heritage, the BMW 3-Series offers a high-tech, spacious, comfortable, and safe range of vehicles.
  • Audi A4: The Audi A4 provides a balanced compact luxury sedan with perky all-wheel-drive performance.
  • Buick Regal: The Buick Regal drives more like a German car and is similar in size and packaging to the TSX.
  • Subaru Legacy: The Subaru Legacy is a sporty, affordable, all-wheel-drive sedan that’s fun to drive, although it may lack the latest gadgets and gimmicks.
  • Acura ILX: Acura’s smallest car, the ILX offers a more efficient hybrid model compared to the TSX but may lack the same fun-to-drive personality.

These alternatives cater to different preferences in terms of performance, luxury, efficiency, and driving experience, providing a variety of options for consumers in the US market.

The Case for a TSX Revival

While the challenges surrounding a TSX revival are evident, there are compelling arguments in favor of its return. Firstly, the TSX enjoyed a dedicated following among driving enthusiasts and luxury car buyers alike, indicating a potential market demand for its reintroduction. Additionally, the TSX’s unique blend of sportiness and sophistication could provide Acura with a distinct offering within the compact luxury segment, differentiating it from competitors.

Furthermore, the revival of iconic models has proven to be a successful strategy for many automakers, capitalizing on nostalgia and brand loyalty. By reviving the TSX, Acura could tap into this sentiment while offering a modern interpretation of the iconic sedan, complete with the latest technologies and design cues.


The potential return of the 2005 Acura TSX model to the United States market remains a topic of intrigue and speculation. While the challenges surrounding platform availability and lineup positioning are undeniable, the enduring popularity of the TSX and the potential for a modern interpretation could make a compelling case for its revival.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Acura must carefully navigate its product strategy, balancing consumer demand, brand identity, and competitive positioning. Should the decision be made to resurrect the TSX, it would undoubtedly generate excitement among driving enthusiasts and luxury car buyers alike, rekindling the spirit of a vehicle that once captivated both segments.

Ultimately, the fate of the Acura TSX lies in the hands of the automaker and its ability to recognize the enduring appeal of this iconic compact luxury sedan. Whether it makes a triumphant return or remains a cherished memory, the TSX’s legacy as a well-rounded and engaging vehicle will continue to resonate with automotive enthusiasts for years to come.

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