Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage

Americans In Italy The Momo Mirage Car Price in USA [Automotive Repair And Services]


The Momo Mirage: A Rare American Sports Car Designed in Italy


Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage in the early 1970s, a unique and intriguing sports car emerged from the collaboration between an American businessman and a European automobile expert. The Momo Mirage, as it was called, was envisioned to combine the performance and spirit of a Ferrari with the comfort and luxury of a Rolls-Royce. Despite its ambitious goals and stunning design, the Momo Mirage project faced significant challenges that ultimately led to its cancellation, leaving behind only a few completed models and a lasting legend in the world of automotive enthusiasts.

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As a technical writer, I am excited to delve into the fascinating history, design, and engineering behind this rare and elusive sports car. Join me as we explore the Momo Mirage’s origins, its innovative features, and the reasons behind its untimely demise, all while appreciating the lasting impact this car has had on the automotive landscape.

The Momo Mirage: A Grand Touring Coupe with American and Italian Roots

The Momo Mirage was the result of a collaboration between Peter Kalikow, an American businessman, and Alfredo Momo, a master mechanic and European automobile importer. The two men shared a vision of creating a high-performance, luxury sports car that would combine the best of American and European engineering.

Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage
Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage

The car’s design was entrusted to the renowned Italian designer Pietro Frua, who had previously worked on several notable projects, including the Lancia Marica coupe. Frua’s design for the Momo Mirage was a rectilinear coupe with a long hood, large grille, and round twin headlamps, giving the car a distinctive and striking appearance.

Under the hood, the Momo Mirage was powered by a Chevrolet LT-1 5.7-liter V8 engine, a powerplant that had recently been used in the Corvette. The plan was to “sex up” the American V8 with a Lucas fuel injection system, but this idea was quickly abandoned.

The chassis of the Momo Mirage was designed by Giulio Alfieri, a moonlighting Maserati engineer, and fabricated by Vittorio Stanguellini, a renowned Formula Junior designer. The car’s suspension components were sourced from various reputable suppliers, including Jaguar, Alford & Alder, Koni, and Girling.

Innovative Features and High-Performance Potential

The Momo Mirage was designed to be a true grand touring coupe, blending high performance with uncompromising comfort and luxury.

Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage
Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage

One of the key innovations of the car was its use of a Chevrolet V8 engine, a departure from the more traditional European sports car powertrains.

The Momo Mirage’s engine was the Chevrolet LT-1, a 5.7-liter V8 that had recently been employed in the Corvette.

This American-sourced engine provided the Momo Mirage with impressive power and torque, delivering the performance expected of a high-end sports car.

To complement the powerful V8, the Momo Mirage was available with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 3-speed automatic, allowing drivers to tailor the driving experience to their preferences.

In terms of handling and dynamics, the Momo Mirage’s chassis and suspension components were carefully selected to deliver a balance of agility and comfort.

The front suspension was adapted from the Jaguar Mark 2, providing a well-sorted and responsive setup, while the steering came from Alford & Alder, a respected supplier of high-performance steering systems.

The car’s braking system was provided by Girling, a renowned manufacturer of automotive brake components, ensuring that the Momo Mirage could rein in its impressive performance when needed.

Challenges and the Demise of the Momo Mirage

Despite the Momo Mirage’s innovative design and high-performance potential, the project faced significant challenges that ultimately led to its downfall.

The initial plan was to sell the Momo Mirage in the United States for around $12,000, a price point that would have made it an attractive proposition for American sports car enthusiasts. However, as the project progressed, the expected production costs escalated, reaching over $20,000 per vehicle.

This dramatic increase in production costs proved to be a major obstacle for Kalikow and Momo, and they were forced to abandon the project due to financial constraints. The duo had invested a significant amount of money into the development of the Momo Mirage, and the project’s failure resulted in Kalikow losing half a million dollars.

Another factor that contributed to the Momo Mirage’s demise was the small-scale nature of the production. The original plan was to produce 25 vehicles, but due to the financial challenges, only a handful of cars were ever completed.

The Momo Mirage’s Legacy: A Rare and Intriguing Classic

Despite the Momo Mirage’s brief and tumultuous history, the car has managed to maintain a strong presence in the hearts and minds of automotive enthusiasts. Its stunning design, innovative features, and the tragic circumstances surrounding its demise have all contributed to the car’s legendary status.

Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage
Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage

Today, the Momo Mirage is considered an ultra-rare classic car, with only a few completed units known to exist. The car’s exceptional materials quality and striking appearance have earned it a myth-like aura, and its story has been the subject of a documentary film titled “The Mirage” by director Peter Roper, released in 2014.

The limited production of the Momo Mirage has made it an elusive and highly sought-after collector’s item. In 2012, Peter Kalikow, one of the original creators of the car, decided to launch the manufacturing of a new unit, but the details surrounding this endeavor remain somewhat secretive.

Maintaining and Restoring the Momo Mirage

Given the Momo Mirage’s rarity and the use of both American and Italian components, maintaining and restoring these vehicles presents a unique set of challenges for owners and enthusiasts.

Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage
Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage

Finding parts and technicians with the necessary expertise to service the Momo Mirage can be a daunting task. The car’s hybrid nature, combining a Chevrolet engine with an Italian-designed chassis and body, means that specialized knowledge and experience are required to ensure proper maintenance and repair.

EngineChevrolet LT-1 5.7-liter V8
SuspensionFront: Jaguar Mark 2<br>Dampers: Koni
SteeringAlford & Alder
Transmission5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic
Americans in Italy The Momo Mirage

Owners of the Momo Mirage may need to rely on a combination of original and aftermarket parts to keep their cars running. The use of the Chevrolet engine does provide some advantages, as parts and technicians familiar with this type of powerplant may be more readily available.

However, the unique Italian-designed chassis and body components require specialized care and expertise, which can be challenging to find. Some owners may have resorted to custom-made parts or extensive restoration work to maintain the integrity and authenticity of their Momo Mirage vehicles.


The Momo Mirage stands as a testament to the ambitious spirit and innovative thinking that defined the automotive landscape of the 1970s. This rare and intriguing sports car was the result of a collaboration between an American businessman and a European automobile expert, blending the best of both worlds in a stunning grand touring coupe.

Despite the Momo Mirage‘s impressive performance potential, innovative features, and striking design, the project faced significant challenges that ultimately led to its demise. The escalating production costs and the small-scale nature of the production proved to be insurmountable obstacles, and the Momo Mirage project was abandoned after only a handful of cars were ever completed.

Yet, the Momo Mirage’s legacy lives on, captivating the hearts and minds of automotive enthusiasts around the world. Its status as an ultra-rare classic, with a myth-like aura and a reputation for exceptional quality, has made it a highly sought-after collector’s item. As the remaining Momo Mirage vehicles continue to be carefully maintained and restored, the story of this unique sports car will undoubtedly continue to inspire and fascinate generations of car enthusiasts to come.

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