BMW Highway Assistant

What Is BMW Highway Assistant?


Safety is very important in automotive industry, it helps to save life and reduce unexpected accident which is why today we discuss about the popular brand BMW Highway Assistant. As we all know that in city road the car speed is minimum which reduce the percentage of accident but when it comes to Highway the speed goes to top where handling is very risky. So if you go for job or personal trip through highway then here are important and safety option which BMW Highway assistant provides you.

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What Is BMW Highway Assistant?

Redefining Highway Driving

The automotive industry is witnessing a rapid evolution, with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) becoming increasingly sophisticated. Among the pioneering automakers in this domain is BMW, which has introduced the innovative Highway Assistant feature. This article examine into the intricacies of this cutting-edge technology, exploring its functionality, benefits, and the models it’s available on.


The BMW Highway Assistant is an advanced driver assistance system that combines adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane-keeping assistance (LKA) to help navigate designated interstate roadways. This system allows for hands-free driving on controlled-access highways at speeds up to 85 mph, enhancing driving comfort and safety.

How Does BMW Highway Assistant

The Highway Assistant utilizes a suite of sensors to monitor various driving parameters, including speed limits, vehicle proximity, and lane markings. This data is processed in real-time, enabling the system to intervene when necessary by applying brakes, adjusting acceleration, or executing steering maneuvers to prevent accidents or assist the driver in challenging driving conditions.

BMW Highway Assistant
BMW Highway Assistant

One of the standout features of the Highway Assistant is Active Lane Change. This functionality enables the vehicle to change lanes autonomously after the driver taps the turn signal lever. The driver can initiate a lane change by simply looking at the side mirror, and the car will execute the maneuver if it’s safe to do so.

Models with Highway Assistant

The BMW Highway Assistant is available in various models, catering to different segments of the BMW lineup. Here’s a table outlining the models that currently offer this advanced feature:

ModelHighway Assistant Availability
BMW 7 SeriesLevel 3 Highly Automated Driving (BMW Personal Pilot L3)
BMW 5 SeriesLevel 2 Partially Automated Driving (Active Lane Change Assistant with eye confirmation)
BMW X7Level 2 Partially Automated Driving
BMW X5Level 2 Partially Automated Driving
BMW Highway Assistant


The BMW Highway Assistant is a testament to the automaker’s commitment to innovation and safety. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this system aims to enhance driving comfort and reduce the risk of accidents on highways.

BMW Highway Assistant
BMW Highway Assistant

While the Highway Assistant provides valuable support, it’s crucial to note that the driver remains responsible for the act of driving and must be prepared to take control when necessary. As autonomous driving technologies continue to evolve, features like the BMW Highway Assistant are paving the way for a future where driving becomes safer and more convenient.

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