starter rebuilders near me

Top Starter Rebuilders Near Me In USA


A car’s starter is responsible for turning over the engine to get it started. Over time, starters can wear out and fail to work properly. When this happens, rebuilding or replacing the starter is necessary to get your car running again. This article will provide information on locating professional starter rebuilders near you to restore your starter to full working order.

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A failing or failed starter can leave you stranded and unable to start your car. Thankfully, there aremany skilled starter rebuilders and mechanics across the USA who can get your starter working again.

starter rebuilders near me
starter rebuilders near me

This article covers:

  • What signs indicate a failing starter
  • Average costs of rebuilding a starter
  • Time required to rebuild a starter
  • How to locate starter rebuilders near you
  • Top starter rebuild shops across different states

Knowing the warning signs of a worn starter, the costs, and time involved will help you make informed decisions when problems arise. Read on to find the best starter rebuilders close to your location.

Signs Your Starter Needs Rebuilding

How do you know if your starter needs rebuilding or replacing?

Here are some common signs:

<div style=”overflow-x:auto;”> | Sign | Description | |–|–| | Clicking noise without ignition | When you turn the key, if you hear a rapid clicking sound but the engine does not start, it likely indicates starter failure. | | Grinding or whining noises | These noises from the starter area during startup indicate potential damage or wear. | | Weak or slow cranking | The starter turns the engine slowly or weakly and is unable to start the vehicle. | | Intermittent issues | The vehicle starts only sometimes or starter activations happen without turning the key. Intermittent issues usually indicate starter problems. | | Starter engages without ignition | If you hear the starter running or turning over the engine without having turned the key, the starter needs immediate attention. This could indicate a stuck solenoid. | </div>

Take note if your vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms. Have a professional mechanic inspect the starter and provide recommendations. Rebuilding or replacement may be necessary.

starter rebuilders near me
starter rebuilders near me

Average Cost of Rebuilding a Starter

The costs of rebuilding a starter vary depending on factors like:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Extent of starter damage
  • Location and accessibility of the starter
  • Availability of quality rebuild parts

According to industry estimates, rebuild parts for a starter range from $50 to $350 on average. A brand new OEM factory starter can cost between $80 to well over $350 depending on the vehicle.

The total starter repair or replacement costs typically range between:

  • $600 – $900 for a common vehicle
  • $900 – $1,400 for a luxury vehicle starter

Always get an accurate quote from your local starter rebuilding shop. The prices can vary considerably based on labor rates, parts, vehicle type and complexity of the repair work required.

Time Required to Rebuild a Starter

Rebuilding a starter is complex work that requires skilled mechanics with years of experience.

The time required depends on:

  • Vehicle type
  • Extent of starter damage
  • Availability of quality rebuild components
  • Mechanic’s expertise and efficiency

Here are typical time estimates:

  • 2 to 4 hours – Complete starter motor R&R and rebuild is possible within this timeframe considering the intricacy of most modern starter motors.
  • 15 minutes to 2-3 hours – The wide range accounts for variance across vehicle types. A simple starter replacement on an older vehicle can take 15 minutes while a modern vehicle can take 2-3 hours.

Consult with your local starter rebuilding shop for accurate estimates. The right mechanic can rebuild your existing starter quickly, avoiding the higher costs of buying and installing a new one.

Finding Top Starter Rebuilders Near Me

Searching online for “starter rebuild near me” is a good starting point. Look for shops with excellent Google reviews and specialization in starter and alternator work.

However, personal recommendations from local car enthusiasts, mechanics, and auto parts store employees also carry weight. They will be familiar with the really top-notch starter and alternator technicians in your location.

starter rebuilders near me
starter rebuilders near me

Here are some of the best starter rebuilders by state:


  • Starters R Us (Los Angeles) – Family-owned shop since 1990, very experienced
  • Sandy’s Starters (San Diego) – Highly rated small starter specialty shop
  • Bay City Starter (San Francisco) – Rebuild and repair all auto electrical parts since 1968


  • Starter N Generator Corp (Miami) – Skilled experts in starter & alternator rebuilds since 1985
  • Clearwater Electric Service (Clearwater) – Auto electrical repairs and rebuilds for over 15 years
  • Daytona Electric Starters & Alternators (Daytona Beach) – Quality rebuilds and speedy service


  • Houston Starter Exchange (Houston) – Trusted rebuilder of heavy duty truck & diesel starters
  • North Star Electric (Dallas) – Specialists in starter repair & rebuild services since 1990
  • Alamo City Electric (San Antonio) – 4.9 rated starter shop, affordable and reliable

New York

  • Richmond Hill Starters Inc (Queens) – Starters, alternators and electrical parts supplier since 1973
  • Whitestone Auto Electric (Whitestone) – Skilled technicians for quality starter rebuilds
  • Millennium Starters & Alternators (Buffalo) – Quick repairs for cars, trucks & industrial vehicles


  • Professional Parts Group (Lombard) – Large inventory of rebuild parts for fast starter rebuilds
  • Royal Electric (Rockford) – Commercial & industrial starter repairs since 1965
  • Cicero Electric (Cicero) – Quality guaranteed starter repair & rebuild services

Check reviews sites like Yelp and Google to verify quality. Visit shop websites to view their starter rebuilding expertise, certifications, guarantees and customer testimonials.

This list of highly rated starter rebuilders by major state and city provides a good starting point. For shops nearest to your location, search “starter rebuild near me”. Read reviews and compare pricing before making your choice.

What to Ask at the Starter Rebuild Shop

When searching for a starter rebuilding shop, asking the right questions ensures you find one that offers quality service. Important things to ask them include:

Years in Business – Choose a shop focused on starter rebuilds for many years. They will have in-depth expertise.

Diagnostic Capability – Can they test and diagnose starter issues to accurately determine rebuild needs?

Rebuild Parts Quality – Do they use high quality parts from reputable suppliers for the rebuilds?

Warranties – What kind of repair warranties do they offer? Good shops offer 6 months to 1 year warranties.

Pricing – What is included in their starter rebuild pricing? Get written estimates whenever possible.

Availability – How soon can they complete the starter rebuild based on current workload?

Asking these key questions will help identify shops that offer quality starter rebuilds you can rely on. Taking time to find the right shop saves money and hassles over the long run.


When starter problems leave your car unable to start, skilled starter rebuilders provide an affordable solution. This article covered the telltale signs of a bad starter, typical costs of rebuilds, time required, how to find capable shops near you and the right questions to ask them.

Symptoms like grinding noises on startup, weak cranking and intermittent ignition issues indicate the need for starter attention. Rebuild costs range $50 to $350 for parts and $600 to $1,400 including labor. Rebuilds take 2 to 4 hours typically.

Searching online reviews and asking local car enthusiasts helps locate the best starter rebuilders nearby. Check certifications, warranties and customer reviews as well. Use the questions provided above when talking to shops to find one that meets your needs.

Take proactive steps as soon as you suspect starter troubles. The skilled specialists covered here per state and city rebuild quality starters to restore reliable performance and long life to your vehicle’s starting system.

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