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What Is a Frunk And Why It’s On Demand In America [DeckersAuto Review]


Automotive Storage Frunks Take the Spotlight

Do you that what is frunk? In electric vehicles (EVs) the automakers are continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. One such groundbreaking development is the frunk, a unique storage compartment that has quickly become a sought-after feature among EV enthusiasts and practical-minded drivers alike. As we embrace the transition to a more sustainable automotive future, frunks are emerging as a game-changer, redefining how we perceive and utilize storage space in our vehicles.

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Imagine having an additional storage area right at the front of your car, conveniently tucked away where the traditional engine would be. This is precisely what a frunk, or “front trunk,” offers. By capitalizing on the compact design of electric powertrains, automakers have cleverly repurposed the space under the hood, transforming it into a versatile and practical storage solution.


As we delve into the world of frunks, we’ll explore their functionality, benefits, and the innovative ways in which automakers are incorporating them into their latest EV models. Get ready to discover how this ingenious design element is revolutionizing the way we think about cargo capacity and versatility in our vehicles.

The Mechanics Behind the Frunk

To fully appreciate the brilliance of frunks, it’s essential to understand the unique architecture of electric vehicles. Unlike their gasoline-powered counterparts, EVs do not require a large internal combustion engine under the hood. Instead, they rely on compact electric motors and batteries strategically placed throughout the vehicle’s platform.

This departure from traditional engine layouts has opened up new possibilities for automakers. By eliminating the need for a bulky engine, they can now utilize the space under the hood for additional storage purposes, creating the frunk.

Typically, frunks are accessed by opening the front hood, much like a traditional trunk. However, some EV models have taken a more high-tech approach, allowing users to open the frunk via touchscreen controls or even mobile apps. This seamless integration of technology enhances the overall user experience, aligning with the cutting-edge nature of electric vehicles.

Benefits of Frunks: Convenience and Versatility at Your Fingertips

Frunks offer a multitude of advantages that have captured the attention of drivers worldwide. Here are some of the key benefits that have contributed to their growing popularity:

  1. Additional Storage Space: With the frunk providing extra cargo capacity, you can now easily separate different types of items, ensuring a more organized and efficient use of your vehicle’s storage areas.
  2. Increased Safety: The frunk acts as an additional “buffer” zone in the event of a frontal collision, potentially enhancing the safety of occupants by absorbing some of the impact.
  3. Innovative Use of Space: By repurposing the front of the vehicle, automakers are maximizing interior space and offering creative storage solutions that cater to the diverse needs of drivers.
  4. Practical Features: Some frunks come equipped with unique features like drains, making them suitable for use as coolers for tailgating or storing food and beverages, adding an extra layer of convenience and versatility to your EV.
  5. Design Flexibility: The absence of a bulky engine allows automakers to explore innovative storage solutions like frunks, enabling them to push the boundaries of design and offer unique selling points to consumers.
  6. Distinctive Selling Point: Frunks have become a defining feature of electric vehicles, distinguishing them from traditional gas-powered cars and showcasing the forward-thinking design and functionality of EVs.

Popular EV Models with Frunks

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to soar, automakers have responded by incorporating frunks into some of their most popular and highly anticipated models. Here are a few examples of EVs that have embraced the frunk revolution:

EV ModelFrunk Capacity
Tesla Model S, 3, X, and YUp to 5.3 cubic feet
Ford F-150 Lightning14.1 cubic feet (with frunk divider removed)
Rivian R1T and R1S11.1 cubic feet
Lucid Air9.9 cubic feet
Chevy Silverado EV10.7 cubic feet
RAM 1500 REVEstimated 4.5 cubic feet
Kia e-Niro2.5 cubic feet
Hyundai Kona Electric1.1 cubic feet
Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.43.1 cubic feet
Audi e-tron3.5 cubic feet
Renault Zoe1.2 cubic feet
BMW i3 and iX35.3 cubic feet

As you can see, the frunk capacities can vary significantly depending on the size and design of the vehicle, with larger EVs like trucks and SUVs offering more substantial frunk storage spaces.

Frunk-tional and Fashionable: How Automakers are Embracing the Frunk Trend

Automakers have recognized the immense potential of frunks and are actively incorporating them into their latest EV designs. From practical storage solutions to stylish design elements, frunks are becoming an integral part of the electric vehicle experience.

Ford, for instance, has taken the frunk concept to new heights with the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. With a massive 14.1 cubic feet of frunk space (when the divider is removed), this electric powerhouse offers unparalleled cargo capacity and versatility. Imagine having a built-in cooler for tailgating, or a secure and weather-protected storage area for tools and equipment – the possibilities are endless.

Tesla, a pioneer in the EV industry, has also embraced frunks across its entire lineup, including the Model S, 3, X, and Y. These sleek and technologically advanced vehicles boast frunks with capacities ranging from 2.1 to 5.3 cubic feet, allowing owners to maximize their storage potential while maintaining the vehicles’ stylish and aerodynamic profiles.

Rivian, a newcomer in the electric vehicle market, has taken the frunk concept to the next level with its R1T and R1S models. These adventure-ready EVs feature a spacious 11.1 cubic-foot frunk, complete with an integrated LED light and a drainage system, making it the perfect spot for storing gear or even serving as a makeshift cooler on your outdoor excursions.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Automotive Storage

As the world continues its shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, electric vehicles are poised to become the norm. With frunks leading the charge, automakers are demonstrating their commitment to innovation and their ability to adapt to the changing needs of consumers.

Beyond their practical benefits, frunks represent a symbolic embrace of the unique design opportunities that arise when we move away from traditional internal combustion engines. They are a tangible reminder that the future of automotive technology is here, and it’s time to reimagine what our vehicles can offer.

Whether you’re an adventurer seeking additional storage for your gear, a city dweller in need of extra space for groceries, or simply someone who appreciates innovative design, frunks are sure to capture your attention. As electric vehicles continue to evolve and push the boundaries of what’s possible, the frunk stands as a testament to the ingenuity and forward-thinking approach of the automotive industry.

So, get ready to embrace the frunk revolution – a future where storage space is no longer limited by conventional designs, and where innovation takes the front seat.

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