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Will Brogan Doodlebug A 1950s Motor Scooter Electric Model Re-Launch In USA?


As we know that most of the 90s and 80s popular automotive car models will re-launch by the end of 2024 and in 2025. Such example is Ford Capri electric crossover for USA. So it is possible that due to public demand Brogan doodlebug 1950 scooter might come back as electric automotive.

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There are many Minimal motoring cars being running on road such as 2025 Mini Cooper EV that shows the fascinating history of this iconic vehicle and explore the tantalizing prospect of its re-launch in the USA.

Brogan Doodlebug: A Blast from the Past with a Twist

The Brogan Doodlebug, a quirky and innovative three-wheeled motor scooter from the 1950s, is rumored to be undergoing a renaissance as an electric model.

The Doodlebug’s Origins

In the era of post-war optimism and ingenuity, Frank Brogan, a visionary designer, brought his brainchild to life – the Brogan Doodlebug. Originally conceived as a fun and practical mode of transportation for his daughter, the Doodlebug quickly evolved into a symbol of mobility and independence, particularly for women.

Brogan Doodlebug
Brogan Doodlebug

With its sleek, streamlined steel body and seamlessly integrated headlights and windshield posts, the Doodlebug exuded a futuristic charm that captivated onlookers. Powered by either a single-cylinder Briggs & Stratton or a twin-cylinder Onan air-cooled engine, this three-wheeled wonder could reach a top speed of 45 miles per hour while delivering an impressive fuel efficiency of nearly 70 miles per gallon.

Designed for Ease and Accessibility

Brogan’s genius extended beyond aesthetics; he meticulously crafted the Doodlebug with ease of operation and maintenance in mind. The automated gear-shifting system, utilizing a mercury-actuated mechanism akin to fluid drive, eliminated the need for a clutch pedal, making the driving experience smoother and more intuitive.

Brogan Doodlebug
Brogan Doodlebug

Maintenance tasks were equally streamlined. Changing the front tire was as simple as popping out the grille and unscrewing two bolts, while accessing the engine required merely lifting the rear deck lid, releasing three pins, and disconnecting the gas line – a process that could be completed in mere minutes.

BodyStreamlined steel body with integrated headlights and windshield posts
EngineSingle-cylinder Briggs & Stratton or twin-cylinder Onan air-cooled
Top Speed45 miles per hour
Fuel EfficiencyNearly 70 miles per gallon
TransmissionAutomated gear-shifting with mercury-actuated fluid drive
MaintenanceEasy access to the front tire and engine for quick servicing
Brogan Doodlebug

The Electric Brogan Doodlebug With a Glimpse into the Future

While the original Brogan Doodlebug was a marvel of its time, the rumored re-launch of an electric version promises to breathe new life into this iconic design. Imagine the thrill of zipping through city streets or winding country roads, emission-free, with the retro charm of the Doodlebug and the cutting-edge technology of an electric powertrain.

Brogan Doodlebug
Brogan Doodlebug

According to industry insiders, the electric Doodlebug could boast a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge, making it a viable option for daily commutes or weekend getaways. Additionally, the instantaneous torque delivery of electric motors could potentially enhance the driving experience, providing a spirited yet smooth acceleration that complements the Doodlebug’s compact and nimble nature.

Preserving a Legacy, Embracing Sustainability

The potential re-launch of the Brogan Doodlebug as an electric model is more than just a nostalgic revival; it represents a harmonious fusion of automotive heritage and environmental responsibility. By embracing emission-free electric propulsion, this reimagined classic could appeal to a new generation of eco-conscious consumers seeking a unique and sustainable mode of transportation.

Furthermore, the compact size and agility of the Doodlebug could make it an ideal urban runabout, navigating congested city streets with ease while offering a refreshing alternative to traditional automobiles. Imagine the joy of zipping past gridlocked traffic, embracing a minimalist and environmentally friendly approach to personal mobility.


As the world eagerly awaits official confirmation of the electric Brogan Doodlebug re-launch, one thing is certain: this quirky and innovative vehicle has the potential to captivate both retro enthusiasts and forward-thinking eco-conscious consumers. By blending retro charm with modern electric technology, the Doodlebug could pave the way for a new era of sustainable and stylish personal transportation. Whether you’re a history buff, a tech aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates the fusion of form and function, the electric Doodlebug promises to be a ride like no other.

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