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What Is Geely Cars Price All State In USA


Geely cars price, the leading Chinese automaker, has been making major inroads into the US market in recent years. As Geely vehicles grow in popularity across American states, drivers are curious to learn – what is the price range for Geely cars in the USA?

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Founded in 1997 in Hangzhou, China, Geely has grown rapidly from a manufacturer of entry-level vehicles to a global player in the automobile industry. Geely entered the US market in 2019 when it launched the Geely Atlas crossover SUV. Since then, the automaker has expanded its lineup in America to include other popular models like the Geely Coolray subcompact crossover and the Geely Tugella midsize SUV.

As Geely cars gain more traction in the US, pricing is an important consideration for American drivers comparing options. Overall, Geely vehicles typically offer good value, undercutting the prices of comparable models from established Japanese and American brands. However, prices can vary depending on the specific Geely car and which state you live in.

Geely Car Prices By Model in the USA

Below is an overview of estimated pricing across states for some of Geely’s most popular models available in the American market:

Geely Cars Price
Geely Cars Price

Geely Tugella

The Geely Tugella is a 5-seater midsize crossover SUV launched in 2021. Complete with contemporary features like panoramic sunroofs and 12.3” touch screens, the Tugella starts at an MSRP of around $32,000 USD across most states.

Estimated pricing by state:

  • California – $28,400 USD
  • Texas – $28,990 USD
  • Florida – $29,500 USD
  • New York – $28,800 USD

Geely Emgrand

As an affordably priced midsize sedan, the Emgrand is considered Geely’s entry-level model in the US market. Despite its smaller price tag, the 2024 Emgrand still comes well-equipped with a 10.25” touch screen and other high-tech features.

Estimated pricing by state:

  • California – $15,300 USD
  • Texas – $15,600 USD
  • Florida – $15,900 USD
  • New York – $15,500 USD

Geely Monjaro

Geely positions the Monjaro crossover SUV as a more premium offering than other models like the Atlas or Tugella. As a result, the base Monjaro carries an MSRP of around $33,800 in the USA.

Estimated pricing by state:

  • California – $33,500 USD
  • Texas – $34,200 USD
  • Florida – $34,000 USD
  • New York – $33,900 USD

Geely Coolray

As Geely’s entry into the competitive subcompact crossover segment, the Coolray punches above its weight class with a stunning exterior design and modern infotainment system. Drivers on a tighter budget can get behind the wheel of a Coolray starting around $18,500 USD.

Estimated pricing by state:

  • California – $18,200 USD
  • Texas – $18,800 USD
  • Florida – $18,700 USD
  • New York – $18,300 USD
ModelCategoryStarting MSRP Range
Geely TugellaMidsize SUV$28,400 – $29,500 USD
Geely EmgrandCompact Sedan$15,300 – $15,900 USD
Geely MonjaroMidsize SUV$33,500 – $34,200 USD
Geely CoolraySubcompact SUV$18,200 – $18,800 USD

Factors Affecting Geely Car Prices

As with any automobile sold in America, several variables beyond base model pricing impact the final sticker price drivers pay for Geely cars across the country.

Buy Used Geely Cars
Buy Used Geely Cars

Location-Based Costs

Regional taxes, registration fees, and other location-based costs can alter pricing by several hundred dollars from state to state. For example, in 2021 the average registration fees in Florida were $46 USD versus $158 USD in California.

Customizations and Add-Ons

Optional add-ons through the dealer like entertainment packages, sunroofs, roof racks, alloy wheels, and metallic paint can increase the vehicle cost. These selections allow drivers to customize their Geely car to match personal preferences and needs.

Demand and Availability

Basic economic theory says limited supplies and high demand enable sellers to fetch higher prices. If a hot, new Geely model drops and inventory is low, dealers may be less inclined to offer discounts.


In closing, Geely provides an affordable yet high-quality alternative for American drivers seeking out SUVs and sedans. While Geely car prices are generally lower than comparable models from Toyota, Ford, or other major brands, retail pricing still ranges from around $15,000 to $35,000 depending on the vehicle style and customization.

It’s wise to Buy Used Geely Cars for buyers to thoroughly research upfront and dealer prices for desired Geely cars by state. This allows drivers to strategically time purchases to maximize potential for discounts and incentives. With the brand’s continued growth in the US, Geely is likely to remain an appealing option thanks offering features drivers want at reasonable prices.

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