2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview – Is It Made For USA And Worthy to Buy?


Is the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV the Best Electric Delivery Van? Is Ram ProMaster EV Made For USA

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially for commercial use. Ram is throwing their hat in the ring with the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV – an all electric version of their popular ProMaster delivery van. But how does it stack up against the growing competition in the electric van space?

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview
2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview

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An Introduction to the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV

The 2024 Ram ProMaster EV is purpose built for short range, last mile deliveries. It’s powered by a front mounted electric motor with 268 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque. The battery has a capacity of 110 kWh which allows for an estimated driving range of 162 miles on a full charge.

Other key specs and features include:

•             Two roof heights, cargo lengths, and body style options

•             Payload capacity up to 3,020 lbs

•             DC fast charging capability

•             Standard safety features like collision warning and automatic emergency braking

•             Available options like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist

•             Functional interior with 10.1” touchscreen and wireless phone integration

The ProMaster EV is expected to hit the market in early 2024 with a starting MSRP around $50,000. It’s clear Ram has designed this electric van to be affordable and optimized for commercial use from the chassis up.

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview
2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview

How Does the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV Compare on Price?

The expected starting price of approximately $50,000 positions the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV very competitively among electric vans.

For comparison, other leading options include:

Electric VanStarting MSRP
2024 Ram ProMaster EV$50,000 (estimated)
2023 Ford E-Transit$47,185
2022 BrightDrop Zevo 600$48,500
2022 Mercedes-Benz eSprinter$56,565

The Ram ProMaster EV is competitively priced right in line with these alternatives when comparing base models. Of course, final transaction prices may vary depending on exactly how different vans are equipped. But the estimated starting price suggests the 2024 ProMaster EV will be affordable for commercial buyers focused on total cost of ownership.

How Does the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV Stack Up on Range?

For electric delivery vans, driving range is a key consideration to allow drivers to make deliveries while minimizing downtime spent charging. So how far can the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV drive between charges?

The 110 kWh battery pack is estimated to deliver up to 162 miles of range in city driving conditions.

Here’s how that compares to the competition:

Electric VanBattery CapacityEstimated Range
2024 Ram ProMaster EV110 kWhUp to 162 miles
2023 Ford E-Transit68 kWh126 miles
2022 BrightDrop Zevo 600112 kWh200 miles
2022 Mercedes-Benz eSprinter113 kWh150 miles

The ProMaster EV sits right in the middle of the pack with its total battery capacity and estimated driving range. The 110 kWh battery is on the smaller side, but Ram has optimized the van for efficient city driving to maximize that range.

For comparison, the Ford E-Transit offers the least total range, while the BrightDrop Zevo 600 offers the most from its larger 112 kWh battery pack. The Ram and Mercedes land in between with fairly similar overall range estimates.

Charging Capabilities and Infrastructure Support

To help drivers refuel efficiently, the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV offers support for DC fast charging. Exact charge times are not yet published, but DC fast charging should allow the 110 kWh battery pack to charge in around an hour based on outputs from similar systems.

The ProMaster EV will also integrate with existing Ram commercial account management systems. This allows owners to easily monitor charging costs across an entire fleet and receive alerts when vehicles need charging.

Ram has not yet announced specific partnerships with commercial charging networks like Electrify America or EVgo. But the ProMaster EV will likely work across multiple public charging stations as networks continue expanding quickly across the country.

Having robust fast charging support and account management integrations makes the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV well prepared on the charging and infrastructure front. These capabilities will allow delivery fleets to keep electric vans rolling with minimal downtime as EVs become more prominent in commercial use cases.

Safety Technology and Driver Assist Features

The latest driver assistance and safety features are making their way into commercial vans like the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV as well.

Standard equipment includes:

•             Forward collision warning

•             Automatic emergency braking

•             Post-collision braking

•             Blind spot monitoring

•             Rear cross traffic detection

Available options like adaptive cruise control with stop and go capability and lane keeping assist take things even further. These options give the Ram ProMaster EV similar advanced driver aids often found in mainstream passenger vehicles.

While features like automated emergency braking are becoming commonplace, the latest additions like adaptive cruise control remain relatively rare in commercial vans. The ProMaster EV offers buyers the chance to equip vans with cutting edge safety gear to protect drivers and other road users.

2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview
2024 Ram ProMaster EV Preview

An Optimized Design Ready for Electrification

Unlike some other electric vans that are conversions of existing gas-powered models, Ram engineered the 2024 ProMaster EV from the ground up to be electric. The company optimized the chassis and powertrain design specifically for battery electric power.

This purpose-built approach shows in details like the front-mounted motor layout, low load floor height, and options for configurable cargo space. Small touches in areas like lighting and climate control refinements also improve the electric van experience.

An EV-first design aligned closely with how commercial buyers actually use vans allows the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV to take full advantage of electrification. There are no compromises or vestiges from a combustion engine past. Instead, the ProMaster EV starts fresh with a clean slate optimized for EVs.

Conclusion and Verdict

The 2024 Ram ProMaster EV enters a commercial van market rapidly transitioning to electrification. As a brand new, purpose-built electric van, the ProMaster EV appears extremely competitive against alternatives from Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BrightDrop, and others.

Key advantages for the ProMaster EV as an electric delivery van include:

•           Competitive pricing in line with conventional vans

•           Sufficient all-electric range for last mile delivery

•           Fast charging capability and account management integrations

•           Availability of advanced driver assistance systems

•           Design optimized specifically for battery electric power

Of course, the ProMaster EV isn’t perfect. The driving range falls slightly below new entries like the BrightDrop Zevo 600. And Ram is playing catch up against competitors who were a little quicker to launch electric vans.

But with its optimized electric chassis offering ample range and impressive tech features, the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV checks all the boxes electric van buyers should be looking for. It sets Ram up well to compete in this rapidly growing commercial EV space moving forward.

Based on these factors, the ProMaster EV makes a compelling case as one of the best electric delivery vans coming to market. We’ll have to wait for its launch next year to see if it lives up to its promising potential. But if early indications hold true, the 2024 Ram ProMaster EV has the tools to be a class leader.

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